Piercer Portfolios | Erika

Erika joins the Adorn Body Art crew from Chicago. She started piercing there in 2003 and after a few years of piercing she spent some time working for an education company called Health Educators. This allowed her to travel to many states teaching colleagues about both infection control and piercing techniques. She soon realized that she was more in love with helping clients than doing the behind the scenes things. She has spent the last several years working at top tier piercing studios all over the country, honing her skills and trying to decide where to put down some roots. Adorn and Portland very quickly won her heart. So she and Hume E. Brown, her blue heeler, moved to live the dream in the Pacific Northwest.
Erika offers precision work with an eye for detail. She is proficient in all piercings but thrives on doing creative jewelry pairings for clients.